Friday, December 3, 2010


I've had an awful headache all day, so i took it easy (ha! like my days are so hard in the first place) and did some of christmas music listening, kitty cuddling, christmas movie watching and a whole lot of aimlessly perusing the internet. One of my new favorite websites for doing that is Pinterest. Ever heard of it?? I just discovered it and i'm kind of obsessed now. It's eye candy in every category possible.
Here are some of my favorites from today.


dujour mag
dujour mag
the new dujour magazine issue is out.. and it is chock full of beauty. You can see a sneak peek of the issue here, or you can get an online subscription for $10/year. (Its worth ten times more than that) I have quite a few recipes i contributed to this issue, and a travel diary spread from my San Francisco trip as well.

Have a great weekend.

p.s. I'll be posting my first video montage from our flip camera on Saturday. be excited.


  1. what a fabulous editorial post! wow!
    you blog is divine!

  2. i'm obsessed with pinterest too! every time i get on there i find myself "liking" and repinning photos for at least an hour! i love it!

  3. I would love an invite to Pinterest, if you happen to have any! I've seen a lot of people raving about it but all of their "invites" are given away before I am able to post my interest in one! :(

  4. I do have some invites! Whats your email address??

  5. ! THANK YOU!!! :)


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