Saturday, December 4, 2010

christmasy times

We've been having lots of fun with our new flip camera. It's so dang convenient, we find ourselves using it constantly. I put together this set of clips last night and hopefully i'll be posting videos more often.
(I apologize in advanced if they bore you to tears.)

music: horchata by vampire weekend


  1. cute!!

    which flip did you use? we almost bought one a while back but couldn't decide if it was a good camera or not.

  2. Hey Abi, what camera do you use to take your pictures? I love the quality and clarity of them!

  3. Haha, this video is awesome! You guys look like you were having so much fun. And you've no idea how Christmassy it's got me feeling!

  4. who is the super cute girl in the blue? i loooove her tights!


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